About Us
We set up The Agency Partnership to be different.

The pace of change in communications is relentless and many agencies are failing to keep up. Constrained by structures and overheads, they fall-back on what they’ve always done; unwilling or unable to adapt. Instinct has been replaced by process. Very few make a real difference for their clients.

So, what’s different about us?

Our mission is to create work that has a lasting impact for clients.

We’ve shed the traditional agency model.

We’ve built a diverse team led by a core of PR & communications strategists, creators, and advisors supported by a collective of hand-picked specialists around the world.

This enables us to be both strategic and creative, unconstrained by silos, structures, or off-the-shelf solutions. Most importantly, we back our instinct to deliver results.

The outcome is work that directly supports clients’ business needs.

Our talent is our success. We’re committed to attracting and nurturing the best in the business.

As they grow; everyone benefits.

What does it look like in practice?

We apply insight and creativity to identify the approach that will deliver maximum impact for each campaign, and ensure that we execute seamlessly, by aligning with your teams as partners to deliver results.

When we are done, we ensure we have delivered what we promised by rigorously analysing our effectiveness.

We are relentless in ensuring that our work is in support of your success; holding ourselves up to tangible and measurable growth results.

                                                                                                                                                    Whether at the start of your journey; struggling to breakthrough; looking to expand internationally; or in a growth phase, we have the right people to help you realise your potential.


We are a member of the PRCA and have been accredited with its Communications Management Standard.