Leading a global FMCG Manufacturer through multiple crises

We have supported a global leader in FMCG through a variety of product-related issues and crises involving dental-care, to fem-care and baby-care. With a vigilant eye on both externally trending factors that may have a reputational impact for the organisation, and internally flagged issues, our experts were on-hand to activate and deliver 24-7 support to guide them through any issues faced.

Working with in-house business and sector leaders, external partners, government and media around the world, issues have been sighted, assessed, managed and overcome with dexterity and years’ of experience. From social media customer storms, through to regulatory and legal challenges, the team has ensured the right actions and decisions have been made to preserve the company’s reputation and future by both reactively responding to issues, and proactively laying the groundwork to insulate against them.